The following Questions and Answers address some of the fundamental features of the Membership opportunity at French Creek Golf Club. For a full description of the benefits, privileges and obligations of Membership, please refer to the Membership Package.

What is the Membership opportunity at French Creek Golf Club?
French Creek Golf Club located in Elverson, Pennsylvania, is an extraordinary private club offering a limited number of Memberships. Memberships are “non-equity”, meaning that Members have no ownership interest in the Club, but Members will have the exclusive right to use the facilities.

Who owns and manages the Club?
The Club is owned and operated by French Creek Golf Club, L.P., the principals of which have extensive experience in the ownership and operation of golf facilities and clubs. The day to day management of the Club is the responsibility of a General Manager, selected by the owner. The Grounds Superintendent, Head Golf Professional and other managers with specific areas of responsibility will report to the General Manager.

What role or input do the Members have in the operation of the Club?
Members have a voice through an Advisory Board of Governors selected by the Members to foster good relations between the Members and Club management and provide Member input on programs and activities of the Club.  Club management may assist the Advisory Board in the appointment of committees composed of Members whose role will be to assist the Advisory Board and Club management in implementing programs and activities for the Membership.

What facilities does French Creek Golf Club offer?
The Club includes an eighteen-hole championship golf course and practice areas (including a putting green and practice range) designed by Gil Hanse, and a clubhouse, which includes a grill room, golf shop, golf club storage facilities, men and women’s locker room facilities, and dining and patio areas.

How would you describe the golf course at French Creek Golf Club?
French Creek Golf Club offers players a round of pure, classic, and unforgettable golf. With great attention to detail and Hanse Golf Course Design’s esteemed practice of hands-on craftsmanship, French Creek Golf Club is a course that relies on subtlety, charm and interest. Through creeks, woodlands, and open areas, the course is rich in beauty and natural golf hazards.

Who is eligible to become a Member of the Club?
Memberships are being offered to persons who apply for Membership and are approved by management of the Club. The Club will not discriminate in its acceptance of Members on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex or national origin.

What are the Membership classifications and what is the cap?
The Club offers nine classifications of membership: Individual Memberships (for individuals), Family Memberships (which include spouse and certain children), Junior Memberships, Weekday Memberships, Corporate Memberships, Non-Resident Memberships, Student/College Memberships, House Memberships and Lunch Memberships. The privileges which attach to each Membership classification are fully set forth in the Membership Plan.

What are the Initiation Fees and when are they required to be paid?
The Initiation Fee currently applicable to each class of Membership is set forth in the Membership Application. The Initiation Fee may be paid in full upon application, or in installments as set forth in the Membership Application.

If I resign my Membership, will I receive a refund of my Initiation Fee?
With the exception of the Initiation Fee paid for a Social, House or Non-Refundable Golf Membership, the Initiation Fee is a deposit which is refundable in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Membership Plan. You may resign your Membership in the Club by written notification to the Club of your desire to do so, but only in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Membership Plan.

Will I profit from a rise in the Initiation Fee during the time I am a Member?
No. The amount of the refund will be the actual Initiation Fee paid by the Member.

May I transfer my Membership to another person, or change my membership classification?
A Membership is not transferable, except that a surviving spouse may assume the Membership of a deceased Individual or Family Member. Individual, Weekday, or Family Members may change classification, upon payment of the amount by which the applicable Initiation Fee exceeds the Initiation Fee previously paid by the Member.

What is the advantage of becoming a Member now?
Initiation Fees are expected to continue to increase with the Club’s acceptance of every 25 Members.

Is there any special Initiation Fee payment plan available to younger persons?
Persons who are under thirty years of age at the time they submit a Membership Application may take advantage of the following special payment plan: ten percent (10%) of the Initiation Fee is payable upon submission of the Membership Application, with the balance due in up to five equal annual installments. The Initiation Fee must be paid in full, not later than the year in which the Junior Member reaches the age of thirty.

Will I be required to pay dues to the Club?
Yes, Annual Dues will be fixed by the Club from time to time and will be payable monthly.

How much can dues increase from year to year?
Without the consent of at least two-thirds of the Club’s Members, the Annual Dues established by the Club may not be increased in any year by more than the greater of (a) five percent (5%), or (b) the change in the Philadelphia Area Consumer Price Index.

Can Members be assessed to cover operating deficits or capital repairs?
No. Members will not be subject to any liability or assessment for operating deficits or capital expenditures. All costs and expenses of ownership and management of the Club and its facilities are the sole responsibility of the owner of the Club, not the Members.

Will members of my family be entitled to use my Membership?
If you are a Family Membership holder, your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 23 living at home or attending school on a full-time basis may use the Club’s facilities. A Family Member and his or her immediate family have the same privileges as an Individual Member, with the exception of locker privileges. Only a Member and his or her spouse will be entitled to a locker. If you are not a Family Membership holder, your family members can use the Club as guests, subject to the rules applicable to all guests.
If you are a Single or Senior Golf Member, your spouse will be allowed unaccompanied use of the clubhouse facilities.

Will my guests be able to use Club Facilities?
Yes. Members are entitled to have guests use the Club’s facilities, subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Those Rules and Regulations limit to six the number of times a particular guest may use the golf facilities during a calendar year. As a general rule, unaccompanied guests are not permitted for golf. Corporate Members have a limited right to sponsor unaccompanied guests during the week.

Will there be caddies available?
The Club intends to institute an on-call caddie program.

Will there be any amenities besides golf?
At this time, there are no amenities planned other than the golf course, practice facilities and clubhouse.

Will there be any food and beverage minimums?
All members joining after 12/31/2009 will be required to pay a quarterly food minimum. However, if the food and beverage facilities are underutilized by Members, a modest minimum may be instituted.

Will French Creek Golf Club have a liquor license?
No, all alcoholic beverages consumed on the Club premises must be furnished by the French Creek Social Club, a non-profit club comprised exclusively of persons who are Members of French Creek Golf Club. All Members of French Creek Golf Club in good standing who are at least 21 years of age are eligible, but not obligated to be Members of the French Creek Social Club.

How do I become a Member of the Club?
Membership is subject to approval by the Management of the Club. A person who is interested in Membership must mail or deliver the signed Membership Application, together with a check for the required portion of the Initiation Fee. Those accepted will be contacted by Club management within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the Membership Application and the required portion of the Initiation Fee.

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